About EPIC

Environmental Prediction International Consultancy is a small group of experienced geoscientists working together with a single purpose: deliver the highest quality environmental consulting services to our clients. EPIC has decades of experience forecasting and consulting in coastal environments around the world.

A partner of Sailing Weather Service, LLC, EPIC has access to vast coastal and offshore meteorological data-sets at resolutions down to 1-km. In addition, EPIC has access to worldwide wave and current data.

A focused and nimble consultancy, we can provide unprecedented client access to our professionals. Truly, our goal is to give you EPIC support throughout your project.

EPIC specializes in realtime wind mapping in coastal venues. Multiple times per day, EPIC generates high-resolution wind maps for locations all over the planet. Here are some samples.




As a client, you will have unprecedented access to our consultants and advisors to help guide you in your decision-making process. Our statistics and data-mining expertise can be your EPIC factor.


Our cutting-edge weather modeling system is completely portable to anywhere on the planet. Wherever you're project is located, our data and forecasts will be there to support you. Our mobility is your edge.


As a client, you'll have total access to our highest resolution model data and forecast statistics. Combine our high-res model data with our consulting and interpretation, and you'll be fully equipped every day to make mission critical weather decisions. Our precision is your edge.

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